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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stuffed baniza – burek From Slovenia (Balkans)

1 package strudel leaves
2 tablespoons butter
½ cup milk
2 eggs

The fillings:
Cheese:50 dag cottage cheese (FETA)
3 eggs3 tablespoons yogurt

50 dag minced meat
2 eggs
2 onionssalt and pepper to tastedash of paprika

From strudel dough roll out 3 pieces. Rinse out a cake pan with cold water. Place in 1 piece of dough. Brush with melted butter; spread on it half of combined ingredients for cheese filling. Place on it second piece of dough; brush with fat again; spread with rest of cheese filling; top with third piece of dough. If desired, beat milk and eggs and pour in. Bake until brown in oven for about 40 minutes. Proceed in the same way with meat filling, mixing meat with finely chopped onions, eggs, and spices. Serve hot or cold. Burek is originally a Serbian dish, but is widely used in Slovenia.


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