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Friday, January 27, 2006

Jamaican Easter Bun

JAMAICA EASTER BUN RECIPE BY Locksley F. Smith (Revised March 26th, 2005)
Ingredients: - Flour, Brown Sugar, Wet Sugar or Molasses, New Zealand Cheddar Cheese, one bottle of Port Wine (use PORTA if you are in Jamaica), Dried Orange Peal, Raisins, Currants, Cherries, Mixed Fruits, Almond Extract, Vanilla Extract, Butter, Rose Water, Cinnamon Powder, Salt and Yeast.
Make One Dozen Buns:
1. Put seven 1/4 OZ.packages of dry Yeast in a 7 gallon pot
2. Add 3 tsp. salt
3. Add seven cups of hot water to the yeast and let it set for 10 minutes then stir.
4. Add 3lbs of flour then mix to a glue soft watery texture and let it set until mixed flour rises to the top of the pot. Caution:If the flour does not rise, your buns will notcome out right. Change the yeast you are using.
5. Dice Cheddar Cheese and Parched Dried Orange Peel.
6. Pour 750 ml. bottle of Port wine in a container and then add 1 bottle of molasses, 5lbs of brown sugar or wet sugar, 1 tsp. of salt, 4 tbsp. of Cinnamon Powder, 1 cup of dried parched orange peel, 1 tbsp. of Almond Extract, 3 tbsp. of Vanilla Extract, 2 tbsp. of Rose Water and 1 tsp. salt and then stir.
7. Empty raised flour from pot to the dough kneading table or countertop.
8. Add 12lbs of flour, 2lbs of mixed fruit, 2lbs raisins, 1 pint of cherry 5 packages of diced cheddar cheese to the raised flour.
9. Add mix from step 6 then start to knead dough.
10. Knead until it becomes tight and firm, this will take awhile so you will have to be paitent.
11. Grease your baking pans with butter, cut and shape buns to your desire, and add dough to pans. You may choose not use baking pans and instead form the buns with your hand and bake them on a baking sheet, one or the other it does not matter.
12. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
13. Place buns in oven for 1Hr 15 minutes
14. Put wine mix in container in a small pot and boil for 10 minutes, this will make the glaze to give the buns a finished appearance, and taste.
15. After the buns are fully baked, brush on the glaze with a small brush using wine mix from small pot.
16. Wrap buns while hot with plastic wrap and let them sit overnight at room temperature.
17.Clean up your mess.
Although this recipe makes 12 buns, you can reduce the size of the buns and you will get more than enough to give away to your friends and loved ones.


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